If you are struggling with high mortgage payments or unsecured debts, let the experts in mis-sold mortgages help you find a solution.

Established to offer service excellence to its clients, Gladstone Brookes is now recognised as one of the UK’s leading Financial Dispute Resolution Management companies.

Since 2007 Gladstone Brookes has helped thousands of people with the stress and worry of various financial problems. Not only are we one of the UK’s most recognisable PPI reclaim specialists, reclaiming over £387million for our clients to date, but we also tackle a range of financial issues you may be facing.

From debt management plans or bankruptcy, to offering remortgage solutions or insurance products, we handle just about every financial solution you may need and our team of experts are on hand to assist you.

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One thing you can be certain of is that Gladstone Brookes will offer you professional and friendly advice, and do not charge any upfront fees. We have the industry reputation you can rely on, with 96%* of our customers saying they would use us again.

Based in Warrington, with their expert knowledge and experience, the Mortgage Team are helping thousands of customers ensure they received the appropriate advice in their mortgage transaction, and offer advice on solutions to any problems they might have encountered. No matter whether you’re struggling financially with your mortgage payments or unsecured debts, or feel you have been mis-sold a financial product, our team of specialists can help.

We can offer support on Mortgage Reclaims, Re-mortgages and Life Insurance, IVA’s, Debt Management, Bankruptcy, PPI Claims, Secured Loans / Unsecured Loans amongst other things.

Our Services

Mortgage Reclaims
Were you were unnecessarily told to consolidate short terms debts into your mortgage, sold a mortgage that runs into your retirement, have you struggled to meet the repayments, or is your mortgage interest only and you have no repayment vehicle in place. These are just a few examples of how you may have received bad advice, and ultimately suffered financial loss as a result. If you feel you fit into any of these categories, you may have grounds to claim
A remortgage, also known as refinancing, is the process of paying off one mortgage with another. Homeowners may choose to remortgage for various reasons, usually to reduce the overall monthly mortgage payment. However, other reasons may include reducing the size of repayments, to pay off a mortgage earlier, to raise capital, or to consolidate other more expensive short term debts
When you apply for bankruptcy you are essentially admitting you cannot repay your debts. It is seen as a last resort because it usually the step taken when all other options have been exhausted. Of all the debt solutions on offer bankruptcy is the most drastic. However, while many may see it as a last resort, there’s no doubt it has an important role to play in debt management and, for some people, it is the best option
Life Insurance
Help make sure your family is financially protected with life insurance. Without protection you run the risk of leaving your loved ones struggling to cope financially if you were to die unexpectedly. It’s about using life insurance to protect yourself, your partner and your family against those ‘what if situations’. It could pay out a cash sum if you die during the length of the policy, which provides peace of mind for you, and protection for them
Unsecured Loans
Unsecured or personal loans are a good choice if you want to borrow money without risking your home. Instead, an unsecured loans provider will base their decision on granting you a personal loan by using your personal credit history. This is verified by a credit check to determine your credit rating. Personal loans generally are for any amount from £1,000 to £25,000
Secured Loans
Secured loans are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners wishing to raise capital as an alternative to unsecured lending or a remortgage. Secured Loan lenders will consider customers who have an adverse credit history, are self employed, have been declined finance already or who are in receipt of benefit income
Debt Management
A Debt Management Plan is not another loan; it’s an affordable, informal way of repaying back your debts. Get back in control of your finances with just one simple monthly payment
PPI Claims
If you have been sold a Payment Protection Insurance Policy (PPI) alongside a loan, mortgage or credit card over the last 10 years, there is a chance you may have been mis-sold and have a right to claim £1,000s in compensation
An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a legally binding way of dealing with your debt. While Debt Management Plans are informal agreements and Bankruptcy is seen as the most severe cause of action, IVAs are somewhere in the middle. They are designed for borrowers who are unable to pay their debts in full but do have enough income to make some payment towards their debt.


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